About Sura Ondrunar Publishing

Sura Ondrunar is the publisher of works about the ancient Religion of the Sun, possibly the world’s oldest wisdom tradition. It influenced many ancient civilizations which viewed the sun as the material embodiment of a greater invisible divinity, aligned their sacred sites to its cycles, and share many other commonalities. We publish books, websites and videos about its history, sacred sites, texts, and surviving traditions.

Not-for-Profit Principles

Our organization and authors operate on a not-for-profit basis, in keeping with the time-honored principle that providing spiritual information to others is not a commercial endeavor. All our websites and videos are provided without charge or monetization. Our printed books are sold just above cost price, with all proceeds going straight back into running the organization and producing more content.

Like all other companies it costs money to keep running, so we accept and appreciate donations. Donations allow us to remain completely independent and to place our principles before profit, so we can provide our publications freely or at the lowest price possible. We do not have any sponsorship, advertising, or other commercial interests behind our work.

About Our Team

Our team of primarily volunteers are responsible for all aspects of publication like proofreading, designing and preparing books for print, building and administering websites, editing videos, copyright management, and all the other administration that goes with these tasks.

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Jenny oversees book
production & administration


Jon is the book
and video editor

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Priya oversees
legal administration

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Dara is the
graphic designer

About Our Name

Sura Ondrunar is a composite of Sanskrit and Old Norse words, which in essence means: ancient wisdom of the sacred sun.

  • Sūra (Sanskrit): sun
  • Önd (Old Norse): spirit, soul; life; breath
  • Rúnar (Old Norse): secret, hidden lore, wisdom; written characters, runes; magical characters or signs (can also be broken into ‘run’, meaning the same thing, and ‘ar’)
  • Ár (Old Norse): anciently, of yore; early (also the word for sun in Armenian, another Indo European language)

Sanskrit is an ancient language preserved in India, and Old Norse an ancient language once spoken in northern Europe. Both belong to the Indo-European family of languages and ultimately derive from the same mother tongue linguists have called Proto-Indo-European. This language is no longer spoken today, but branched off into many related languages thousands of years ago.

The religious traditions preserved among the speakers of both Sanskrit and Old Norse ultimately originate from a common source, just like the languages do. This source was the ancient Religion of the Sun, although each tradition developed uniquely over time in their different environments.

The Religion of the Sun was also preserved among many other cultures, but these two cultures are among those that we have an ancestral connection to.