Lara Atwood

Image description: Portrait of Lara AtwoodLara Atwood is an author and researcher, and practitioner of her native Indo-European tradition (being of British, Germanic, French, and Slavic descent). She considers her tradition, as well as many others, to derive from what she and her husband have called the Religion of the Sun, which spread to large parts of the world in ancient times. She is the author of the book The Ancient Religion of the Sun and co-author of Ancient Solstice with her husband Mark Atwood. She runs the website and the YouTube channel of the same name where she presents her research.

In 2011, Atwood and her husband began researching the ancient traditions related to the celebration of the solstices and equinoxes, publishing articles online about the meaning of each solstice and equinox, and ceremonies to celebrate them. She says that through her research into scores of ancient sites, texts, and traditions from around the world, combined with her husband’s knowledge and experience, they discovered there had once been a solar religion widespread in ancient times. They say this Religion of the Sun gave rise to some of the world’s most enigmatic sacred sites such as the pyramids of Egypt, Stonehenge, the statues of Easter Island, and many others. The culmination of their work on this topic over the last nine years is presented in their book Ancient Solstice.

Atwood’s book The Ancient Religion of the Sun outlines her research on the history of the Religion of the Sun, tracing its origin back into prehistory and influence across ancient cultures over the world, citing evidence from archaeology, scripture, oral histories, as well as linguistic and genetic research.

In 2017, Atwood and her husband established the website and YouTube channel of the same name to share their research and instigate the modern revival of the Religion of the Sun. Sakro Sawel means “sacred sun” in the Proto-Indo-European language. On this site, she presents videos on topics such as the history and founders of the ancient religion, the evidence for a lost civilization of the Sun, why ancient cultures venerated the sun and created megaliths and pyramids that align to the sun and stars, and other related topics.

Atwood describes their method of study as different from purely academic researchers as they not only research but practice the Religion of the Sun. She says there is a limit to what can be learned through reading alone, and it is by living the principles of this religion that someone can really understand it.

She works on a not-for-profit basis like her husband and does not receive any payments or royalties from her work out of the principle that spirituality is not a commercial endeavor.

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